How to send an exception send outlook mail

Hi all I have a login page

So when there is URL is not working so I need to send an email regarding this issue

And when credentials is not working i need to send an exception mail to user

All the practice is done in REF

Could you please help me to send an email when this occurs and where I need to put the sed outlook mail activity…


Hope you are launching all applications in InitAllApplications.xaml workflow file under Init State.

If yes then we have one Transition called System Exception in between Init and End Process state. You can use mail activities there to send an email with the exception message.

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Hi @chandolusathi.kumar, I hope you are doing well.
I hope you are using Try catch block for catching exceptions for your process.

Firstly, for the url issue the login page won’t load only so for that case there will timeout issue in open browser activity and the process will go to catch block and you can add send outlook mail activity in catch block with the exception message.

Secondly, for credentials issue, when you try to login with wrong credentials an pop up or an element will occur stating login failed or wrong credentials entered so, for that use element exists and if that element exists inside a if statement with that bool value use the send outlook mail activity and give the exception message as wrong credentials passed.

I am also attaching send outlook mail activity documentation link to help you in a better way:

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

Could you please help me with the some screenshots…

I am working on REF.
so everything is going through the end state only…

Is if any exception is present then it needs to go to end state and then send mail to user…