How to Select Range for a range with date values only and format them this way "dd-MM-yy" (ex. 01-Jan-22)

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I have this spreadsheet with multiple columns reaching up to column “CI” also the rows reaching thousands. These are being populated by different types of values (text, numbers, dates, alphanum, etc.).
I just wanted ONLY those columns with “dates” to be selected and format them in the date format type: “dd-MM-yy” (Sample 01-Jan-22), month is in small letters. The date values that are currently contained in cells in those columns are “date string represented with only 2 digits for the year” as what info I got when I hover over the cell.


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Hello, @jharmel.carmona how many columns contains these dates? If it is only three, then you can do the formatting directly in excel even if you have thousands of rows. Just click the date column (example: column B) to select all rows, press Ctrl then click the column header (example: PR_CREATION_DATE) to deselect it, then format the selected column as you wish. Use custom formatting

Hi @jharmel.carmona ,

Have you tried to use Format Cells Activity ?

Hello @jharmel.carmona

You can use Format cells activity to achieve the same. But here you will have to loop and need to format each cell.

Another approach is , if the Template is same for each execution then you can keep a static excel template with all the required formats for each columns. Then you can use Read range your file and then write range to write to the Template file(formated).