How to select date field has null value from the datetable

I gave something like this and i got error " = operator is invalid for system.datetime or system.string."

e.g ("[DOB]=’ ’ ")

Can anyone please tell how i can pass the date field and get null value from datatable.

@Krishnakumar_Vasudevan can you elaborate more, I am not getting your point

Use Filter Data Table:

Set your filter:


Now your datatable will only contain the rows where DOB is nothing. Or you could set it to remove those rows and keep the ones that aren’t nothing:



i am running below query in for each activity and removing the row whichever column values getting as Null and in which i am trying to remove entire row in which DOB= Null but getting error like = operator cannot be used for system.Datetime or system.string fields.

Please see example in screenshot attached ("[Address]=‘’ or [Gender]=’ ’ or [DOB]=’ ’ ")

It is working for Address , Gender column b