How to select data table with date format when I read range to Excel?



Hi Guys, I just tried the code. However, I got the error: Assign : The source contains no DataRows.
I’ve already tried dtb.rows.count().tostring and the count is the correct amount of rows.

For your information filtertable = ExtractedDataTable.clone, and Date1 is the name of first column.


Hi guys,
I have one query.

I have a variable say Date1 which contains tomorrow’s date= (now.adddays(1).To strong(“dd/MM/yyyy”).

Now I want to filter my excel with this date.
I tried passing this variable in assign activity in select method to filter date , but it shows that it has no data rows.
Please let me know that I am doing wrong.
I tried this :
Filter date =" columndate= ‘" +Date1+’" ")


Hi @poojakumari2793

see my attachment, it worked in my environment.

date.xlsx (10.1 KB)
TEST43.xaml (8.4 KB)

see also,



Pls follow below tutorial