How to search API response

Hi Team,
How I can search for particular response I am getting response in xml format from that i wanted to search for different response how I can do that,I am sharing response file please guys help me out how can i do that if i dont find response i will have to throw the exception
XML output.docx (388.6 KB)

Hi @Sandhya_Gajare

Choose Http accept format as JSON. Please check below screenshot


Kaviyarasu N

by default its come in XML format

You can change the format to anything you want.

okay then how can process further

Hi @Sandhya_Gajare
You have two options before you.

  1. You get it as is and deserialize XML to extract the value. Please see the post below.
    Extract Data from XML

  2. Change the response format in the http action, which I mentioned above.

Kaviyarasu N

how can I search for particular response and how to throw exception if I fails to search for particular response if you have any example can you help me with that please.

I have changed type to JSON still i am getting response like shown in screenshot could you please check and help me out how can i do that please

Hi @Sandhya_Gajare

Okay. Still, if you get the output to be XML, see my post on how to extract data from XML. You can get the required fields, and based on that, you can send HTTP actions further.

Keep in mind that the status code should always be 200.

I would recommend testing it in Postman first before attempting it in UiPath.

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hey @Kaviyarasu_N where is that post which one i have refer