How to scroll up until first message in the conversation of a page on Facebook?

Hi, Here is a problem. The problem is that in this equation Enumerable.Range(0,15) how i make 0 and 15 indexes generic in this scenario.

The main purpose is to scroll until the first message. In some cases, messages are in small numbers but in some cases, messages are in large numbers.

The question is that how I pass the generic indexes to Enumerable.Range(0,15) this equation ??

did you try send hot key with indicating the message window only?

Yeah I send hotkay with pgup but the message window scroll up a little not until first message

Try to use Home key instead of PgUp .

No, It is not working it works only one time and when new messages are loaded then it is not paged up

for your requirement the send hot key should be in infinite loop like executing for every 30 sec.

But what is its ending point ??