How to save the extracted dynamic match values into excel sheet

HI team,

I have used for each activity and used match regex expression inside it and then i have retrived the dynamic output values.
I am able to get the match output values.But how do we save those match output values into excel sheet.


Hi @_Bhagyashree
Build datatable and add the matching value to datatable using add datarow activity and then write it in excel file using write range activity

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1

I have used the same.I am getting error as "add data row-object reference not set to an instance of an object.
What we need to add the values in add data row.

Flowchart2.xaml (124.1 KB)

Can you give me screenshot?.I couldn’t open xaml file?.in add datarow activity fill datarow with matching output variable? string from current string.just give currentitem

Current item.toarray try with this remove those curly braces

What is the datatype of currentitem?

currentrow is from for each loop

Give that currentitem in datarow field and empty the arrayrow field

In build data table,what is the datatype of column?

Its Int32

Change it to string and try with current item in array row should work now

It worked but before adding build data table,add data row and write range it was showing two outputs.Now its showing only one output

Write range activity should be outside for each activity

still same issue

Show me the excel output?