How to save filepath in a variable

how to save file paths in a variable like everytime we run the code it should take the path which is in that variable

Hi @anjani_priya

Can you give a sample example what do you want to store in a variable. I will help you out.


I have done a process in that i have used the file path repeatedly
next month i have to run same process again but the file path changed
so If I change in one place then the same file path should take for entire process how to do that

Hi @anjani_priya

Share the example of filepath and how does it change. According to that I will help you.


it is like .xlsx format only

the process should run for different filepaths every month how to save the filepaths

D:\onedrive\OneDrive - file\Desktop\sample excel files\sheet1.xlsx
next month this path changes so If I change in one place then it should that the file mentioned there

Hi @anjani_priya

At start of the process assign a variable namesd filePath and give the path over there

filepath= D:\onedrive\OneDrive - file\Desktop\sample excel files\sheet1.xlsx

Pass the variable file path wherever you have used. This should work.

Hope it helps!!

i have done like this in variable panel and passed this in excel application scope and use excel file but the data is not fetching


Take a Assign activity and try doing the same at start of the process. It should work


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