How to save excel file in particular folder and check the Downloaded date

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i want to download the file to a particular folder and check the downloaded date, if it is not today’s date then delete it.
it is automatic taking and i want to save it in some folder and variable is “str_FilePath”.
once saved i need to check when it is downloaded, do we have any option to check modified date? so that next day if bot runs it should compare the date.

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Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

You can check like this:

For file info, you can use file info activity.

fileInfo.LastWriteTime.Date < DateTime.Today


Directly use this by passing the file path.


Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari
fileInfo.LastWriteTime.Date <> Now.Date

Hope it helps!!

Thanks for your reply.

how to save file in particular folder


You can use move file activity to move the downloaded file from one folder to another.
use copy/paste file activity to save the file in another folder.
You can automate the saving file in specific folder by disable ask to the save file before downloading.

no, we are providing business accessibility to save the file anywhere by them.

i am using file exist activity to check if file is exist for today, but i believe it is checking time as well which i do not want.

how to check for date only and not check for time.


This will give the only date.

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Hi @supriya117 ,

after using above expresion, if conditon is failed, it is going to else part which is wrong.

Try printing the output and check if that is the desired output or not.


It is failing because of extension I beleive

please try this Path.Combine(str_FilePath,"GUIDFile_" + Now.ToString("MM_dd_yyyy") + ".xlsx")

change extension as needed and I hope your str_filepath has the folder and not the file


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Thanks @supriya117 and @Anil_G .

both expression are working fine, i wish i could select multiple solution.

Happy Automation

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