How to Run SAP scripting

Hi everyone, can anyone help me how to run the SAP scripting from studio.


I want to perform some actions in SAP and need to download a file from SAP. For this i have recorded the SAP scripting using script recording and playback option from SAP.
Now i want to run that script from studio. How to run that script.
Can anyone guide me how to do that.

Hello @Learner007, try something like this:

  1. Install SAP Scripting:
  • Ensure that SAP Scripting is installed and enabled in your SAP environment. You might need assistance from your SAP administrator to enable it.
  1. Use the SAP GUI Scripting API:
  • UiPath provides activities to interact with SAP applications using the SAP GUI Scripting API. These activities are available in the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package.
  1. Configure SAP GUI Scripting:
  • Open the SAP GUI for Windows.
  • Go to the “Options” menu.
  • Click on “Accessibility & Scripting.”
  • Ensure that “Enable scripting” and “Enable GUI Scripting” are checked.
  1. Design Your Workflow:
  • In UiPath Studio, create a new project or open an existing one.
  • Add the required SAP activities to your workflow. The key activities you’ll use are:
    • Attach Window: Attach to the SAP GUI for Windows application.
    • Click: Simulate clicks on SAP GUI elements.
    • Type Into: Simulate keyboard input into SAP fields.
    • Get Text: Extract text from SAP elements.
    • Send Control Key: Send specific control keys to SAP.
    • Invoke SAP BAPI: Invoke a SAP Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) if needed.
  1. Load and Run Your SAP Script:
  • To run a previously recorded SAP script, you can use the “Load Script” activity from the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package. This activity allows you to load a recorded SAP script and execute it within your workflow.
  1. Download a File from SAP:
  • If you need to download a file from SAP, use the SAP activities to navigate to the desired location within SAP, and then use the “Click” activity to interact with the download button or link. You can also use the “Type Into” activity to input file names or locations.
  1. Handle File Downloads:
  • Once you initiate a file download from SAP, it may require you to handle the file download dialog box. You can use the “Click” activity to click the “Save” or “Open” button on the dialog box, depending on your requirements.
  1. Error Handling:
  • Implement proper error handling in your workflow to account for any unexpected scenarios during SAP automation.
  1. Testing and Debugging:
  • Test your workflow thoroughly and use debugging tools within UiPath Studio to identify and resolve any issues.
  1. Run the Workflow:
  • Run your UiPath workflow, and it will interact with SAP, perform the specified actions, and download the file.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot of this activity with us. Thanks

@ppr is right, there is no such thing. Try using some invoke activity!


You can run any script by adding the Invoke VBScript activity in your workflow. All you need is the file location of the macro you want to run. There are options for input arguments and one to return a result, but these are optional.


Hope this helps!

Hi @ppr and @rodrigo.simao

My scripting is something like this after recording.

With this option I’m recording the scripting

To which compatibility is your Project set: Windows or Legacy?

Hi @neha.upase

In some places I need to pass dynamic input like Tcode value and some fields values from Excel. How to add those here.

@ppr VB, windows I’m using

In Legacy, we can do some work with the help of

But this package is not offered for Windows compatibility

Thanks @ppr , as @neha.upase said we can run the script using " Invoke VB script " just now tried that but need to work on that how i can pass my dynamic values and the necessary details.

The mention of the BAPI package was about to sort out what is offered and what is a fake activity. So as a next step we recommend that you will step more in into the topic and check the available options further

Sure @ppr Thanks will try alternates what ever possible for this