How to run Python Script?

Hello All,

Can you please help me how to run Python script in UiPath, as i used Python activity but unable to perform operation.


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Use python Scope and change the path
use load script and pass your script path and get output like OutScript
use Invoke Python Method and give input parameters and call your function and pass your script instance
and use get python Object!

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Please go through the following link :

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Here you go with an example

Cheers @Pankajsapkal07

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Hi Palaniyappan,

Thanks for sharing the sample workflow. I updated the filepath to where my python 3.6.4 is installed… but it cannot work - “Error initializing python engine”. Please kindly advise if my python version of 64 bit cannot work in UiPath 2019.4.4?

Is there a way to work around it? Thank you!

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Kindly Have a view on this discussion

Cheers @eagerlearner

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