How to Run macro when destination workbook is different from the Workbook containing Macro

i am using Run Macro activity, however that runs macro, in the existing file which contains macro, however i want to invoke macro from a different workbook

i am getting this error


If file doesn’t have macro then it won’t work with Execute Macro activity.

Instead use Invoke VBA activity.

@Mystical_Devices Run Macro activity works if the macro available in the excel file that you are providing. If you want to run the same macro code for different excel files then it is better to go for Invoke VBA activity.

i am getting this error, upon using .vb
eventhough the macro has been successfully executed

Can anyone help me, why i am getting this error

Hello @Mystical_Devices ,

plz try as below.

Open the excel application , click ;

  1. File
  2. Options
  3. Add-ins

Click the drop-down options next to “manage:” and select “COM Add-ins”, then click “GO”

  1. Untick/deselect “UiPath.Intergration.ExcelAddin”, click “OK”, close excel and run the bot again.

You can also refer to the below post.

what does thi means
i tried to use last column activity