How to run a comman using Windows + R

I supposed to run this on CMD but I don’t have access to the CMD

C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath\ SetupExtensions /Firefox

Is there a way we can execute this command without going to CMD ? or like using the windows + r ?

thanks for any idea.

@AhmedKutraphali are you trying to install Uipath extension for Firefox

@Sreelatha278 yes without installing the Studio , The best way I can install it is through CMD but the client restricted it.


Try using the “Send hotkey” activity in UiPath studio.

Select the “Win” checkbox
Select “r” from the dropdown menu or type in “r”

Good luck! :blush:

@Steven_McKeering No , I dont want to automate it . My problem is how can I run that command and install the firefox exnteion while having no access to CMD.

Open the below selected file with firefox,

it will prompt to add the extension


@AhmedKutraphali click try an app on this PC and select Firefox

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