How to round 0.565 to 0.57?

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If I try 1.565, it will output 1.57


Hi @donghai

Math.Ceiling(1.565 * 100) / 100

Hi @donghai

You can keep the same and remove. ToString at the end thats it

Math.Round(0.565, 2, MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero)


Try this

Math.Ceiling(0.565 * 100) / 100


Math.Round(0.565, 2, MidpointRounding.ToPositiveInfinity)

I hope it helps!!

here CA! is your variable
number is how many numbers you need to have after decimal
0.00 is the format

Hope this helps

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By using regex also u can try
(Double.Parse(System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(“0.565”, “\d+.\d{2}”).Value) + 0.005).ToString(“0.00”))

for the reference you can see the screenshot


Hi @lrtetala

If the number is 0.563, I want get 0.56, your solution will 0.57.


I don’t know are there any bugs, If I chose this way.

By using the regex you can try that

System.text.regularexpression.Regex. Match(“0.563”,“\d+.\d{2}”). Value it will give output as 0.56

@donghai …cheers…!


Please try this

originalNumber = 0.565

roundedNumber=Math.Round(originalNumber, 2)

Message Box:
“Rounded Number:” roundedNumber.ToString


Have you try this?

yes @donghai
but by using this you get 0.56 value and if you want 0.57 then use below expression.
this will work surely.

Assign activity:
originalNumber = 0.565
roundedNumber = Math.Round(originalNumber + 0.005, 2)

Hi @neha.upase

Thanks your reply.
As you know, It must plus like 0.00001
I have post this way, but I want know is it safe? any bug?


Yes, the approach will work for rounding any number to a specified number of decimal places, including numbers like 5.896556. Let’s go through the process step by step using the same approach:

  1. Original number: 5.896556
  2. Adding 0.005 to the original number: 5.896556 + 0.005 = 5.901556
  3. Rounding the adjusted number to two decimal places: Math.Round(5.901556, 2) = 5.90

So, for the input 5.896556, the code would output the rounded value 5.90, which is rounded to two decimal places as per your original requirement.

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