How to revert uipath version

Hello i have an urgent issue, my robot suddenly went down and cant open after i made an update on the uipath version. How can i revert the uipath update and also check what version the robot was ? Please help as this cause alot of down time in the firm


While trying to do any update, you might have to do a VM snapshot, so that this will be helpful if you update is not working

If you have that snapshot then you can ask your sys admin to revert back OR if your firm is making any backups then you can revert your VM to last backup

If this is also not avaialble then if you know your last version then try to clean uninstall the studio exist in your machine and try to install the version which you need

If you own enterprise license then you can reach technical support and request for old versions of the studio

Hope this may help you


thanks :slight_smile: think i managed to revert it actually seems like its working