How to retrain invoice model

We have an invoice that has some special data elements/columns in the detail section that are not included in the OOB invoice model. I am wondering how I can /modify and retrain the OOB invoice model to be able to recognize those additional columns. Any suggestions and recommendations are highly appreciated.


Are you using OOB model by endpoint ?

or using ML model by AI Center?

I used OOB invoice model by endpoint- but that only extracted part of the data elements which are common for all invoice. Like I mentioned, since we have special data elements on the invoice that need to be extracted, I am thinking of modifying the existing OOB and retrain and redeploy on AI center so I can use the ML skill. Hope that makes sense.


To automate a large volume of invoices and to have dynamic fields for each invoice template( special data elements on the invoice ) , you can go with the combination of AI center with Document Understanding.

Please find the link below. For better understanding please go through the series of videos in

UiPath AI Fabric Tutorials

How to use AI Center in UiPath ? Complete demonstration with example | UiPath | AI Center

Documentation on AI Center

About AI Center (

Please use Data Manager for labelling of Invoice fields and for creating the dataset.

Please find the link below.