How to resolve aahook.dll error

i am receiving aahook.dll error , once the error message appears it freez the entire system and i have to restart the machine to continue ,how to fix this issue ,where do i fin aahook.dll file ?.

Did you try this.

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I tried but it didn’t work , it says server not found the file .

Did you check if the file is in C:\Windows\system32\ folder?

file is not available in the folder and i am not sure where do i get this file, i checked in google but noon of the sources are reliable .

In my opinion, you should also try with dll repair tools. I’ve found this one Please take a look, maybe it will help.

This aahook.dll is a filename of that process which is running on operating system. It create errors when you start your system. This type of problems occur randomly you just focus how to remove this just download from here I am telling you this is the best way to resolve your problem.