How to replace the cell in excel

hi friends
I have two excels. And I want to match excel1 several colunms data from the excel2 based on comparing the same colunms between excel1 and excel2. How can realize that?
example for excel1 :smile:

Name whenCreated Stamp remark
RDSSERVER11 2014/1/15 15:54 2018/12/15 8:40
RDSSERVER13CHS 2014/2/11 17:45 2018/12/19 8:34
RDSSERVER20CHS 2014/3/6 15:50 2018/12/22 0:40
example for excel2:
Name whenCreated Stamp remark
RDSSERVER11 2014/1/15 15:54 2018/12/15 8:40 12
VWPDEN17 2014/2/11 17:45 2018/12/19 8:34 34
PRCNMG1D0101 2014/3/6 15:50 2018/12/22 0:40 56
purpose: if “Name” in excel1 equals “Name” in excel2, than fill “remark” data from excel2 to excel1.
it similar like formula “Vlookup”.
Thank you!

did you try to use below activity?


It is returning the list of cells addresses, in which wanted value was found.
E.g.: output(0) will be “$A$1”.

Then you can use For Each activity to loop through whole list and write cell in places, you want.

hi olgu
thank you. But i have doubt about your activity. could you please give me more detail? hope kind reply. :脸红:
i use the “Vlookup” formula like :smile:

Try using a primer where you have a formula populated already and you just read the result.

VlookupExample.xlsx (14.2 KB)

Check the sheet named “Primer” in the file attached
Step 1 Place the primer in your sheet
Step 2 Write the name value in A2 and read B2(this will be populated with remark if value is found)
Step write the value of B2 into the required excel


hi kunalj
I want to remain excel1 all cells but only need “remark” which matched in excel2 based on “name” is equal between two excels. thank you.

VlookupExample (1).xlsx (12.0 KB)