How to replace blank spaces " " into " "?


I have got a text with multiple blank spaces (more than 1 blank space).

For instance: " This is an example of the text". I want to convert it into “This is an example of the text”


You can use Assign String1 = String1.Trim

So Trim will remove all the extra spraces in start, middle or End of String :slightly_smiling_face:

Or you can also use Assign String1 = String1.TrimStart

This will remove the extra spaces only in the beginning of string

It doesnt work if the text is like
" 98392 disjdi 9239
dsds 9239 ksao"


It is working fine for me. Can you share the workflow.



Trim will not work if your string is within the quotes. Also it seems you are reading this text from a file because you cannot save a value with Environment.NewLine in a variable it should be in a single line only