How to Rename file name from folder

Can anyone please advice how to rename the file in specific folder.
The file will name not fixed also the file will download without extension.
In the specific folder there will be only one file which i need to rename.


Activity Name :Invoke Method
Target Type : Microsoft.visualbasic.filesysytem

MehtodName :Rename

Go to Properties of Invoke method

1- in value string – “oldFilename.CSV”
2- In value string – “newFilename.CSV”

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Get the file name first and then use Rename .
filename = Directory.GetFiles(folderpath)(0)

More info here on GetFiles -

Karthik Byggari

Hello, thnx for reply.

I already tried this, but i am not able to set the Parameters into that.
Also my file don’t have any extension like CSV or xls.

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