How to remove whitespaces in the excel

In my Excel column “Total” it contains white spaces
eg:{4 177,
7 890,
1 234,
5 1890 }
How to fix this issue

@Chippy_Kolot , Try this
“4 177”.Replace(" “,”")
From this you can remove the white space

Currentrow(“Total”).Replace(" “,”").tostring.trim

Hello @Chippy_Kolot

Either you can loop through each value in excel and replace the space .
Else you can convert the datatable to string and replace the spaces using replace method.

(From r in DT.Asenumerable
Let a = v.Tostring.Trim).Toarray
Select DT_Clone.Rows.Add(a)).Copytodatatable

Hello @Chippy_Kolot Please refer below thread

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