How to remove unique values from text file and get only duplicate value list?

How to remove unique values from text file and get only duplicate value list?

@vidya.wagh ,
Can you provide us the input file if possible?

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Hey @vidya.wagh


Is this what you want




Hi @vidya.wagh

You can use the following approach:



(From row In textDataTable.AsEnumerable()
Select name = row(0).ToString().Trim()



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One of many options:

getting the duplicates:

getting the non duplicates:

In Addition to above, getting all duplicated values but only 1 time:

Also have a look at this report dict:

thanks for your response. even I have got this output but what i want is to delete unique values also.

your 1st image is what i want. can you share me the workflow please.

was done in immediate panel
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Assign Activity:
myFilePath = YourFullFilepathTo The TextFile

Assign Activity:
arrDups | String Array =

File.ReadAllLines(myFilePath).GroupBy(Function (x) x).Where(Function (g) g.count > 1).SelectMany(Function (v) v).toarray

can you please elaborate it more and write all the records in the text file.



Writing back to a file:
String.Join(Environment.NewLine, arrDups)

“String.Join(Environment.NewLine, arrDups)” this is writing all the records. only want duplicate list with single record.

then use other statement

File.ReadAllLines(myFilePath).GroupBy(Function (x) x).Where(Function (g) g.count > 1).SelectMany(Function (v) v).Distinct().toarray
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Thank you so much for help.

can i apply same logic for 10-100 million records? because it not giving me correct result.

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