How to remove multiple columns from an excel datatable?


I want to remove multiple columns for an existing datatable from an excel. Is there any way to do this??

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Hi @sans.12,

You can use Remove Data Column activity to delete the datatable column by its index number or by its column name.



Thank you for the solution @ranjith. It worked.

Hi @ranjith,

Can I put multiple columns into the ColumnIndex field as I have too many columns to remove ?

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Instead of that i would prefer to use Dataview.

For more information look into this thread:


@Snowman, You can’t give multiple column Index/Name in Remove Data Column activity.
Whereas we have an alternate with the combination of LINQ->Datatable

  1. Assign -> String Array arrayOfColumnsToBeRemoved = {“Column1”,“Column2”}

  2. Assign -> Select a Array of ColumnNames without these columns from the datatable dt with the query
    string Array arrayOfColumnsToBeSelected = (From col in dt.Columns.Cast(of System.Data.DataColumn) where not(arrayOfColumnsToBeRemoved.Contains(col.ColumnName)) Select CStr(col.ColumnName)).ToArray()

  3. Assign -> Datatable dt = dt.DefaultView.ToTable(false,arrayOfColumnsToBeSelected)

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Dear @aksh1yadav, @Dominic,

Very glad to have the advice promptly !! Thank you very much :grinning:

Would you mind explaining this a little bit more? I am trying to delete some columns from an Excel file. Is this is 3 different “Assign” activities?

Thank you in advance!

don’t use a filter rows.
you can chose to keep or remove; and if it goes to a new datatable or just to overwrite the previous 1.

really shiny activity. :wink:
only works on name however if you need to do it via index number this won’t do

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