How to remove from list<MailMessage> mail messages

In my project, i use activity Get IMAP mail message (top: 10) and generate output veriable list, then using Move IMAP mail message activity I want to move one message from the collection to a imap folder, and I do it with the expression: listMailMessage(listMailMessage.Count - 1).
But not the earliest mail message by date is moved from the collection. My task: move the earliest mail message from the collection to a imap folder using the Move IMAP Mail Message activity. Can I filter with the Headers(“Date”) method the mail messages in the collection? Or is there another way? Thanks.

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We can sort the email with the date

Once after sorting use move impact mail activity and mention like this
outmailmessage(0) as a input for mailmessage property so the first one will be moved to the folder we have specified
Where outmailmessage is a output variable that we have obtained from Get IMAP Mail Activity

Cheers @Foertsch

Thanks a lot! It helped! I am very grateful to you!

Cheers @Foertsch

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