How to remove data from sheet without headers?

Hello guys,

Above image there are two sheets one is recon and other is cash and i have remove the data from recon sheet from row number 7

Above ss for cash sheet and delete data without headers till column name CV

Because I have to pase data on regular basis


Hi @suraj_gaikwad - Use below activity

Hi Friend,
Can you plzz explain me with more details? what exactly you want to do.


I have to clear data from row 7 in recon sheet at 1st image the cash sheet I have clear data from row 2 without headers



check the sample thread

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Hi @suraj_gaikwad

If you are sure that from Recon sheet the rows will start from A7 then, use Read Range Workbook to read the Recon sheet and in range give "A6" and store the output in a datatable say dt_Recon. After that use Clear Data Table to clear the datatable dt_Recon.

In the same way use Read Range Workbook to read the CASH sheet and store the output in a datatable say dt_CASH. After that use Clear Data Table to clear the datatable dt_CASH.

Hope it helps!!


Why not save a blank template and use it everytime …instead of clearing the data always


If you are sure that the data will start from 7th row in recon sheet then use read range activity in give the range from A7 and uncheck the add headers in properties.
Then use clear data table activity and pass the read range activity variable in it.

Hope it will work, Plzz try and let me know.


@Anil_G yes that I can do but I have paste the data also in further process in both sheets for that I have to delete that data right ?


For pasting if it is already empty you just need to write the data right?


Yes right, bot will be run everyday and every day data is different

trialfile.xlsx (1.2 MB)

This is trial file there two sheets and i have to delete data from recon sheet from row 7 and from cash sheet row 2 and Column A2 to column Cv till



Hi @suraj_gaikwad -

Did you try the below suggestions? If you try it what problem do you face?

anil mentioning about use same template everytime. Once you automation done archive file with timestamp if not required just replace empty template and update rows.

I tried above suggestion but i didn’t get idean how do I select column range specific like A1 to till cv column I want to delete all data from those columns

And as Anil suggetion data will change everyday and that excel file is formulated


Hi @suraj_gaikwad

This will clear your sheet and keep you header, if you unchecked has headers property it will clear the whole sheet. Just replace “Sheet1” with your sheet name


If you want to clear the range in the sheet. Just replace “Sheet1” with your sheet name and Range that you wanted to clear.


Actually my excel file is formulated once the data append that will automatically calculated
So I can’t delete the sheet

As I sent you the file also

Thanks for the reply


Hi @suraj_gaikwad ,

Keep the formulated excel file temp folder , then try to copy the file from that location everytime
when u want to use for new trnasaction

@suraj_gaikwad -

Checkout this thread - Delete rows in excel yet retain formulas

Okay let me try this !
I have insert data in two sheets (Recon and cash) every time once the data insert in both sheets den it will give automatically finally result so there is one more with the name final result this sheet I have to refresh bcz data will be updated and once it’s done then I have to compare that data row one by one

This is the process



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