How to remove an XML node based on a criteria?

Good morning!

I am dealing with a problem right now where in I need to be able to remove an XML node based on a condition (i.e the value inside the XML tag is 0).

The steps I’ve tried so far is:

1.) Read text file --> xml document of interest
2.) Deserialize text file --> converts string to xdocument variable
3.) for each item in xdoc.Root.Descendants.Elements():
3.a) write line: item
3.b) write line: “/////////” (to separate items)
3.b) if item.tostring() = 0, remove node

This doesn’t seem to work.

Could anyone give me any insight into a quicker or more efficient way to do this? I have never worked with XML or Xdocuments before and would appreciate it.

can you please share the XML or sample XML. I will have a look on it later.

For the requirement: all elements with the Value “0” are to remove, right?