How to recover bot deleted file/folder

I have used delete activity to delete particular folder. But I’m in need of that deleted folder, where can i find the deleted folder.

Appreciate for a quick response.

Use invoke code ativity: write

My.Computer.FileSystem.DeleteDirectory(“your folder to delete”,FileIO.DeleteDirectoryOption.DeleteAllContents)
My.Computer.FileSystem.DeleteDirectory(“your folder to delete”,FileIO.DeleteDirectoryOption.ThrowIfDirectoryNonEmpty)


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Thanks for your response. but I need to recover/restore the folder which was deleted by bot

Hi @suji if u want to recover the folder then instead of deleting u should move the folder to temporary location then u access the folder if needed.

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Is there any possible way to restore the already deleted folder. I checked in Recycle bin, its not available.

Hi @Suji If u have used Delete activity this will permanently delete that folder.

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