How to read values from excel which are situated after\under keyword cell

Hello, everyone ! I’m new here and this is my first post. I need some help with reading data from excel template file which should be processed to ERP systems. I had finished the ERP part but got completely stuck with excel (
In attached sample template, data which should be read and processed to ERP marked yellow and the keywords which are defining the type of data(they are not changing) marked by red.

I’ve done reading of table from the bottom of the template, but i thin this approach is wrong.
Could you please help me and give some examples of best ways how to read this excel (30.3 KB)

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Checking the result from your workflow, I imagine that you want to get only the Customers information from the Excel file, which are not “Click to select” right?

I have created an optimized solution to get only the valid information, please check the attached workflow.
Optimize.xaml (9.0 KB)



Hello, thank you !
Yes i want read this table with customers information from bottom of the sheet but not only this table should be read.
Also start row for reading the table is not always 13. It can be for example 14 or 12 - naming is standart but formating of template is dynamic and because of that i want to read cells basing on keyword(red) or it content). I want read from samplefile all the fields that are marked by yellow (for example first part of file is some kind of header that contains details like “requestor contact” , “agreement description” etc. and this should be read too and placed into some variables in order to put this fields to ERP but i have no idea how to read this fields.
And once again thank you for your example.

Got it.
The information blocks ahead of Customers may vary in size.
Here is the solution I can provide to help you:
Optimized_variable_format_excel.xaml (25.8 KB)

Your results will be in three variables for the Requestor infos, and three DataTables for the Sales, Discounts and Customer details blocks (which you will need to loop).

Here is the output you will get from the file:

Hope it helps.


Thank you so much.
Also i did some practice with yesterdays workflow and now it can read customer details table from any place of the list
read template.xaml (17.9 KB)