How to read the Remote desktop text file content


I want to check and read the content of the text file which is in Remote Desktop. I have tried using Read Text File activity but it is throwing an error

RemoteException wrapping System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred

Please suggest to me the way to read the content…

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Hi @sayalic
Please check the below might help you,

Hi @Latika10011740,
Thanks for your reply.

Actually I read text file from remote desktop and when I use Read Text file activity then it is giving me that error.
So, in that activity no indication is there…
how I can do uninitialized UI Node error, please help.


Pls clarify where is your robot running? Local machine or the “remote desktop” machine?


local machine

Then you can not use “Read Text File” activity to access a file in remote desktop session. This activity can only read file directly accessible from the robot’s machine.

You will need to find an alternative method: put the file to a shared drive accessible by robot; open the file e.g. via Notepad in the remote desktop and transfer it’s content via clipboard.


Actually there are lots of files in a folder and I need to read each file from that folder.

I have used Read file activity but it is throwing error as files are in remote desktop and how can I copy that files it is not taking remote desktop’s folder path.

The only (easy) way (I know about) is to give robot direct access to those files via shared drive.

Or you could try copy files from remote deskto to your local machine via clipboard (like you can do manually):
1/ Open Windows explorer in RD
2/ Navigate to file(s)
3/ Press Ctrl+C
4/ Open Windows explorer in local machine
5/ Navigate to some temp folder
6/ Press Ctrl+V
7/ Use ReadTextFile to read file in local temp folder