How to Read PDF table data next to Keyword

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I would like to read pdf table next keyword found. for below example i would like to read table data next to “Example of Table Data2” keyword found in pdf file. any suggessions plese.

Image 1-9-24 at 12.59 AM

pdf2.pdf (166.8 KB)

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Hi @Niranjan_k

Use the read pdf with ocr activity if it’s a scanned file and use use the read pdf text if it’s and normal pdf. After using the above mentioned activity you will be able to read the entire pdf and store that data in a string variable.

So after getting the data into a variable use the regex expressions and extract the required data.


@vrdabberu I tried with the option but have 55 pages of pdf with unstructured table details

Hi @Niranjan_k

Yeah you can use the regex expression to extract all the tables and then place the regex expression in matches activity. Use the for each activity and give the output of the matches activity as the input for the for each and by iteration you are able to get the data tables.


@vrdabberu i tried same logic with real data. The problem is column space and data space we have same. We are unable to differentiate data and columns. I’m trying to use the extract data table concept which is not working.
When key word found immediately I want to extract the table

One of option would be to use read pdf activities and using regex to get the table from that.
Or else, you have UiPath Document Understanding which can be used to extract tables and fields from documents.