How to read outlook email without having to log in to the machine

I use SMTP email to send emails in Outlook, I use SMTP because I can’t login with that email on the machine I use for this RPA.

Now, I need to read email, but to read email I can’t use SMTP, and from what I’ve researched, both the IMAP and POP3 methods need to be logged into Outlook to work properly.

Would there be any way for me to read these emails without having to login to the Outlook, that is, passing the login parameters directly to the RPA?

@Pedro_Vieira Yes Use Get Exchange mail message activity.

Send SMTP Email doesn’t use Outlook. Outlook doesn’t even have to be installed.

This is incorrect. IMAP and POP3 don’t even need Outlook installed. They have to be enabled/allowed on the email server, and you have to provide username and password within the activity.

Although they require some setup in Azure, if your organization is using Office 365 in the cloud then you can use the 365 activities to connect directly to the mailbox and get emails.

I’m pretty sure Microsoft has eliminated regular username/password login so the Get Exchange Mail Message activity will no longer work. You’ll now have to use its 365 properties to connect, at which point you might as well use the newer 365 activities.

@postwick we are still using this activity in client side. But it is informative which you shared. Thanks

Thanks for the reply, following your advice I used Integration Service Microsoft Outlook 365
I put the email parameters directly in the Integration Service and in the RPA I just need to select the connection that I created in the Integration Service, and the folder where the emails are.

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