How to read multiple excel spreadsheets in a folder and extract data from them

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I am trying to work how to read multiple excel spreadsheets of the same type in a folder and extract data from them. The problem is that the excel spreadsheets are converted into a form with radio buttons as values and text that also needs to be extracted So not sure how to read in the value. Is there any way of using a read range and extracting particular elements in the spreadsheet and storing it in variables to be used in further operations.

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@bobby if all the excel spread sheets are present in a same folder,just use assign activity and in the value place give directory.getfiles(“path of the folder”) and assign it to a variable this is will give you the output as array of string and use for each activity give the variable as input and inside the body use excel application scope give path as item inside it use read range and store it in a datatable and then use for each row activity to read the each row of the datatable.

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Ok I understand that @venkatmalla6. But how do you extract the information from the cell after you have cycled through each row in the spreadsheet. Would it be an assign that using a select statement. Not sure how to write it. If you could help please. So I have attached an excel spreadsheet.Book1.xlsx (25.9 KB) .

Say for example I wanted to extract the funny cell in the speadsheet to check whether it is selected. How would I use an assign to do that or would it be a different activity. Also if I wanted to store the usernames forename using a select statement.


Hi @bobby

I have created workflow based on your requirement before run this workflow please change the path of assign activity. (23.2 KB)


Cheers @bobby if you find it useful mark it as solution and close the thread.

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