How to read excel column with empty values

Hi, I’ve an excel with 10 rows but all the 10 rows does not have the data. In between I may have empty rows. When I tried to read this row using “read Column” activity, tool reads only first consecutive rows and not reading the rows after the the empty row. Can someone help me to solve this issue ?

In below example, excel read column reads only 2 and 3.

Example Excel column:




Could you attach a sample xlsx?

Here is the excel. Please find attachment

Sample (6.3 KB)

Hi @Old_Musical_Hits,

I tried using the file you have sent and used “Read Range” and got the below output :

however when I use Read Column, it give an array of inumerable objects looping through which I get only values which are not NULL


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Sorry. I’m using Read range to read part of the column. So, in the above example, I’m reading the SNO column from 1 to 12 cells using Read Range(A2:A13) but I’m getting 1,2 values only. I’ can try A2:B13 while reading range and iterate only A column but some timestiB column’s data might also be empty. Could you check now and suggest any idea ?

Got it. It’s my mistake. Some mathematical calculation issues. Getting output as expected. Thanks for your assistance.

Hey @Old_Musical_Hits

With Read Range also it is working…!!.

Please check this attached workflow and let me know :slight_smile: (8.2 KB)



how to validate empty fields in excel cells for a condition if, thanks

in read cell you get the value and with if condition var=“” you validate if is empty