How to read CSV with Directory. GetFiles

I’m working on a project where I download a data file without the extension to the “test” folder on my desktop. Then I read data file to CSV with UTF-8

The data start with CSPD004 and another data start with CSPD005, and I want to output those data each to a different CSV for use to
total after filter data.

I use the For Each activity
For Each “item " in “test folder. where(function (file) file. Contains (” CSAPD005”)). ToArray"

Type Argument changes "String "

I checked it with "Message Box "
It’s function.

This is where the problem lies.

How do I go about creating “read csv”

This is my first job and really this problem isover my head.
I hope you understand my explaion is sometime unclear because I’m a beginner.

Thanks for your time!


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I didn’t understand download data file without extension?

Can you share few screenshots and errors you are facing?


@tesoro - You mean, just to *.CSV files? if so, you can try the below


@tesoro - It working fine for me. Something wrong with your setup.

Put “*.CSV” Not “*”.CSV

Thank you .I did it just now!!!

Thank you .I did it.

@tesoro…great… please mark my as solution so that this thread will be closed.