How to read all the excel file from a particular folder?


I want to read 6 excel file from particular folder and write the same excel file in another folder.

Hi Senthil,

First you fetch the file names of all the excel files in the folder.
Assign string, filelist=directory.GetFiles("location","*.xlsx")

After that, Inside a for each loop, iterate through each file name and use a "Read Range " activity to read each excel file to a datatable. Then use a “Write Range” activity to write the datatable to an excel file in the new location.

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Thanks Nimin.

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please send me aa semple

if i put read range Activity, i am not getting two tabs as yours !!!

Testing.xaml (9.0 KB)

i tired as per the above your assistance, its not working then its not showing any error !!!

try changing your GETFILES to item in read range

i tried that too !!! not working !!!


After using for each activity you can directly use copy file activity since you trying to create same file in another folder. Just wait will provide the work flow. (12.3 KB)

Please check the workflow.

Hope it works for you.

Please do reply if the workflow worked for you!