How to read each excel in a folder

Hi there,

I am trying to read all excel in a folder and perform some logic actions to salve the result in another folder

I tried this on the attachment I shared can someone help please?
CheckIfColumnsAreSame.xaml (8.5 KB)

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Check below for your reference


Hi @siteltower ,

Could you try making the changes highlighted below?


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Ashwin A.K

Hello it says that there is no file…I have 2
I need to read each one there and compare with another excel that is on another folder



If you are looking for merging of those excel files into one excel then have a view on this thread

If you are trying compare datatable read from excel have a view on this for multiple approaches

Cheers @siteltower

Hi @siteltower ,

Are you passing the Folder Path into str__updateWorkbookPath?

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Ashwin A.K

Yes I am
I shared it above the entire process too

I already know this part thanks
The compare rows in 2 excel files works fine
My issue is doing that for each excel on a folder.

Can someone help please???