How to pull up a name/word from a paragraph/sentence using regex

Hi Team,

I am trying to pull out word “uiPath/UiPath/uipath/ui path” value from a sentence/paragraph.

for ex: “I am completing the UiPath course in Advanced Certification. Hello world was my first program of uipath. Ui Path is a tool used in RPA development.”

How can I able to extract UiPath word (in every format) from above paragraph and count how many times Uipath appears.

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Hi, you could try Regex.Matches(YourTextVar, “UiPath”, RegexOptions.Multiline).Count and do this for every Version and then take the sum. Maybe someone knows a direct way.

Similar to @Jizh response but you can use the matches activitiy as below:

  • Matches Activity (Input = String, Pattern = “(uipath)”, RegexOption =(IgnoreCase, Compiled).

Then simply assign result.count().tostring to your count variable


Hi Tim,

Thank you for the solution.

I would also like to include that this “result.count().tostring” is able run in individual sequence workflow,
but when I am unable to call “count function on Matches result” in a workflow which is invoked to other main workflow .

Could you please explain me the reason behind this. It will be a great help.

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Use Matches Activity.
Input = Your String
Pattern : (Ui\s{0,}Path)
Regex Option : (IgnoreCase, Compiled)

Reason for using \s{0,}, Even though if there is space we have to consider.



Hi Mahesh,

Thank you for the solution.
Using your code I am able to solve issue in my project.
I really appreciate your help.

Thank you,
Abhinav .

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