How to print output as a string


I have created a project which is as follow : image
The output of this project is coming in the form of vertical : image
But I want my output in the form of Horizontal like in picture i.e . as string : image

Can someone help me to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Also, My excel data is in the form of following type : image

Please help me to find out.

Hi @Sharma_Sania

Please try this

dtTable - your datatable
columnname - change as per your columnname

string.join(“,”, d(“Columnname”).tostring).toarray)




Hi @prasath_S

Thank you for the reply. From where I have to apply this code? Can you please highlight the one in picture?


After read the data from excel you can use log message and check if its coming correct…thanks

Also, I want to print my data in output, not in message box.


use can use writeline or logmessage instead of message box

I am exporting the data from excel. Is it possible to run those steps which you mentioned above?


yes instead of build datatable use read range activity and store the data in datatable(assume dtTable)

I already used read range activity and stored data in dt (as you mentioned). I inserted output data table to convert it in string but I’m still unable to get the desired output.

can you show the workflow screen shots please…

Can you please check my original post.

what is the datatable variable name and column name in excel

Try this

read range output should be dtTable

string.join(“,”, d(0).tostring).toarray)

I used read range output as dtTable but still the same error.
string.join(“,”, d(0).tostring).toarray)- Where I have to use this logic?

what error you are getting.

  1. Use read range and store the data in datatable (Variable name dtTable)
  2. use log mesaage and write the syntax

I have already done the concept which you mentioned for read range. But still my output is coming in the form of vertical. image

Dont use output datatable instead use the syntax i gave in Logmessage

string.join(“,”, d(0).tostring).toarray)

I want my output in the form of this one image