How to print a group of pdf file?

Dear All

I need to know, how can we print multiple pdf that saved in the folder?
Printing part should go after download PDF.
Below are my flowchart.


Figured it out? I also need help

Did you figure it out ?
Because I want to do a similar thing: print a browser screen to pdf.

@edward.hulleman Shouldn’t that work with CTRL + P?

@Smith93 Using Chrome you have the option to use CTRL + P → Destination: Change → Print to PDF.
But the application we use only works good in Internet Explorer, there you don’t have an option to print to PDF so we need to install an third party tool I am afraid. This will be an attended robot so we need to install this third party printer driver at every pc, I would like to avoid that. Maybe you have another option? We are just in the first week using UIPath so not much experience yet.

@edward.hulleman You can take a screen shot of the browser screen using Take Screenshot activity and save locally. Then create a Word document using Word Application Scope activity and Insert the image to the Word using Add Image activity. Once done, using Export to PDF activity you can convert the Word to PDF. Just give a try…

Hello @rajeev85, I know of the screenshot activity but the page I need is longer than what fits on the screen. That why I want to save the page as pdf, because then the whole page is being saved.

I did manage though, I am now using Snagit to print to, we already had licenses of that application and it works fine.

Hello guys.
what i did, loop every pdf file in the folder, and send ctrl+p.

Can you elaborate? Do you open the PDF then send the “ctrl+p” keyboard input?