How to preserve response backslashes in txt file

Hey guys,

I need a support.

I’m making a GET request. When I look at the immediate return I have the backslashes, but when I write them in a txt they are not written.


file txt:

I would like that format:

"{\"data":{\"brand":{\“name\”:\“Banco do xxxxxx S/A\”,\“companies\”:[{\“name\”:\“Banco do xxxxxx S/A\”,\“cnpjNumber\”:\"00000000xxxxx\

the backslashes are not part of the response from the GET request.
they are being added in UiPath to escape the quotation " characters while displaying/printing as a string. Is there a reason why you would want them?

I understand now.

Yes, these files will be used in other moments by people of power Bi. I tried to use activity modify to formatting but they said this doesn’t worked.

This files was being created by python automation.

yeah no need to preserve backslashes. you can write to text file as is. once you read it back into UiPath, you’ll see the backslashes there still.

Hi nameless. I needed this format on file. Now I could, I modified the text using the modify activity and put on file .json this worked.


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