How to preserve bold letters and font letters in excel activities

Hi Friends,

I have 100 excel data which i need to accumulate into one excel sheet. So i used read range activity (excel application scope) to take this 100 data one by one and then i used append range activity to accumulate into one excel sheet.

These 100 excel sheets are having some bold letters and different fonts. So same format i want in the accumulated excel sheet.
Note: i selected preserve format option while using read range activity. Still not working.

Can someone help me on this.

If you use Write Range, there is a Preserve Format option that will paste the data using the format in the Excel workbook for the cells to which you’re pasting.

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Thanks for the response. i didn’t find the preserve format in both write range activities.

When you use read range it will come as a Data Table, so there is no way that those things could come as well… that option is about the data types and not visual formats like font metadata… Maybe you will want to search for activities that will do that for you or use something like copy and paste for it…

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Thanks for the information. yeah it didn’t worked.
Do u know any activity where i can do this .