How to paste single row data into multiple columns in excel


I have an excel with 100 rows of data in sheet1 starting column C. I have single row data having 2 columns say A,B in sheet2. How to copy and paste the sheet2 data into sheet1 in 100 rows under A,B columns.



Just use Read cell activity to read the A2 value in sheet 2, and use write cell activity once in sheet1 , then use Auto Fill Range to fill all the required rows with same data

I should use 2 auto fill range activities for 2 columns or i can use single activity to copy data into multiple columns?

You need to fill 2 columns here as per the first question as per my understanding, then two read cell activities to read sheet2 values of A2 and B2, then two write cell activities to write in sheet1 A2 and B2. Then two auto fill range activities to fill both A and B columns in sheet1 @Sailaja_Pasupuleti

Thank you… Its working.

Glad to help @Sailaja_Pasupuleti