How to pass the special character "At" into the body of an Outlook email?


I am facing an issue regarding a workflow I am developing where I get some data from an Excel file to then use as variables in the body of the Outlook.

For each Read Cell activity, I have a variable that stores the values from the Excel file. One of the cells I have needs to be written in the body of the email. In that cell, I have text that is a personal email. I did a Write Line activity to debug and I can see that email written. I also made the email to be shown on a Notepad application. From this variable, I can pass the email into the Send To field from Outlook.

However, in the body of the Outlook message the special character “At” disappears. For example, an email such as gets a “transformation” into the Outlook body as namemail. Meaning that, not only the special character “At” disappears but also, the letter next to it. Any advice for how to overcome this issue?

I provide in annex a workable workflow and an excel file.

003_STEP.xaml (18.0 KB)
VA_Parameters.xls (50.5 KB)

HI @mrrobot,

Use Html format to send the mail.(IsBodyHtml)


Hello @arivu96, thanks.

For the workflow context, I can not send the email with email activities. What I am trying here is to automate all the steps regarding an email construction, therefore, I can not use built in activities. The send email option needs to be done by a human and not by the robot.

Having said this, I can not specifiy whether the body of the message is written in HTML format or not. I know that for example the “Send SMTP Mail Message” as that option regarding the format but in my case, as I have to write the email with a type into activity, there is no IsBodyHtml property to be edited.