How to Pass Terminal Connection to another workflow


I have a BOT program which executes every 5 min. It has to open 3 PCOM terminals at the same time and execute a workflow.

I have one problem - I do not want to open the PCOM terminals every 5 minutes because I consider it will consume time

I need to know how to keep the PCOM session open and the next bot which runs needs to identify the same 3 PCOMs and execute the function in those terminals.

Any suggestion or lead could be helpful.

I tried to do a bot program to open the terminals and then make the main bot to recognize the pcom sessions from the prev bot. but is not recognizing and opening new terminals again

Instead of using IBM PCOMM connection provider in UiPath, try using IBM EHLLAPI provider to attach the open terminal session with your workflow.


  1. Open 3 PCOMM sessions manually (Session A, Session B and Session C). Since you are running the flow every 5 mins, dont close these sessions.
  2. In “Configure Connection” window for Terminal session, select IBM EHLLAPI as the provider
  3. The EHLLAPI implementation dll is pcshll32.dll; By default, it is located in ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Personal Communications’.
  4. EHLL session should be the session identifier (A/B/C) where you want to execute the particular sequence

Once the connection is configured, you can use this to execute the workflow in the open terminal session

I used a sequence to open all required terminals and other parallel sequence to perform whatever is required. It works. ThanQ

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I am getting a blank value in the outputConnection if I want to continue with the session. there is no issue with the code but the value us blank?