How to open csv file

hello all I want to open csv file and perform some operation . how to do it

Hi @dhanashree22

We have an Activity called Read Csv from that you can access the Csv file!


Hi @dhanashree22

Please try start process activity to open,



@dhanashree22 are you trying to open the CSV file for UI Automation ? Try to achieve most of the action using UiPath CSV Activities.

If you still want to open, use Start activity and provide file full path.

I want t select two column i.e N O and perform duplicate number operation on that… how do it?

Hi @dhanashree22

Your Steps would be as follows below.

Use Read Csv activity and get the out as Datatable.

Use Assign Create a new Datatable variable ie

newDt = readDt.DefaultView.ToTable(true,“YourDuplicateColumn1”,“YourDuplicateColumn2”).CopyTodatatable

Use write range or write Csv the new Dt