How to modify activities in debug mode?

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Wanted to change/Add activities in the workflow during debug mode…

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Debug mode is another mode on execution like compiling
Still we can add activities to the workflow and run in debug mode

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If i executed the workflow in debug mode…the activities/properties panels are freezed,so don’t have chance to add new activities in to our workflow and can’t edit the properties as well.

Please help…

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Yah while executing in debug mode the workflow will become READ ONLY mode
So before running them in debug mode you will be able to add or modify the activities in the file

If that xaml is opened from a ZIP folder make sure that you have extracted all the files from that zip folder and then open the xaml file else it will be in read only mode

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In short, you cannot modify/add any activity nor edit any properties when in debug mode

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Why buddy
Did I misunderstood the query
Debug mode is a way of execution right

Kindly correct me if I m wrong
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Yea, but the user wants to add activity during debug mode which i dont think is possible.
After stopping the debug mode you can which is normal.

Yah that’s what I was wondering, because
It’s just a state or like compiling a workflow lively

So before or after running/ excuting a workflow in DEBUG MODE we will able to add activities

Even in normal mode when the workflow is executing we won’t be able to add or modify activities
Only before or after execution we will be able to add or modify activities
Same applies for debug mode

@saransr @nadim.warsi

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Thank You @Palaniyappan

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Cheers @saransr

Hi @Palaniyappan,

Could you please explain further what are the differences among “Run File”, “Debug” and “Run” shown below?

I did a comparison by running a simple do-while loop from 1 to 1000 and found that both “Run File” and “Run” can complete less than 0.1 second while “Debug” may take more than 2 minutes.


Hi I am experiencing the same. Currently busy with Uipath Developer Foundation - Debugging and the exercise requires me to highlight elements in debug mode however it’s greyed out.

Any reason why this could be?