How to migration Uipath 21.XXXX To 19.XXXXX

Hi everyone, i want to know is there any possible to migration new version uipath to old version uipath? in my case im trying to open community version to studio version, and i already try delete the project.json yes is generate automaticaly but the activity is still unresolve something is missing.

thank you


If you are using Community Edition of UiPath studio then we can’t migrate to older version and its possible only for Enterprise edition of UiPath studio.

Hi @Aldhyt_Wirangga1

Could you please include more information why would you want to do so?

As mentioned by @lakshman, one of the most known limitations of the free Community edition is that it keeps up with our latest versions.

But we would appreciate if you could maybe explain what issue is causing you to want to revert to an older version.