How to merge multiple excel files into a new file

i have all my three excel files in single folder and now i have to merge all together in a new excel file can anyone suggest me how to do it?

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Is the Schema of all three Excel sheets are Same.?


If all of your files have the same columns, you can do the following:

  1. Get list of all files in your folder
  2. For Each loop on your result from 1
  3. Read range on workbook
  4. Use the Merge Datatable activity to append each Datatable to a master Datatable


Hi @kaavya

You can also try to use this component. This has a template that supports your need

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thank you

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Is Merge Datatable a standard activity or do I need a special package? Do you know the name of that package?

Data is all sitting in column A, but has a slightly different number of rows.

what if they have different schema?