How to match two same titles seperately in Regex?

Hi, All.

Me again. I am trying to figure out Regex these days and I am very appreciated for your help.

I have a small question with regex. I have an invoice text as below:



2481 Felosa Drive

Llano, Texas

Pin Code 78643


TIN: 14122226789

Bill to:


Sonja D. Eaton

4384 Heliport Loop

Orlando, Florida INVOICE

Pin Code 47635,

United State of America

TIN: 14122987689

Contact 812-649-6832

Invoice # 102

Invoice Date: Apr 25, 2021

Due Date: May 11, 2021


  1. HI1-8-XC8 8GB RAM 1. 8400. 8400.

  2. GX199 Keyboard 1. 9300. 9300.

  3. AX-1000 Digi Mouse Wireless 1. 2300. 2300.

  4. LXG2111 HDA Monitor Wireless 1. 4000. 4000.

Sub Total 24000.00

GST 8% 1920.00

Total 25920.00


I want to match “25920.00” which is Total in the last line. But when type regex code, it matches sub total and total both. How do i ignore sub total or how do i match only “Total”?

I also used (?<=^\bTotal: \b)\d+ but it didnt work.

Thank you for your help and time.

There is no “:” in the text you had shared , so remove “:” from regex
(?<=^\bTotal \b)\d+
This should work

Hello @Guray_Karaarslan

You can use as below


HI @Guray_Karaarslan

^ is the Start of the String

Try another solution way




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as an alternate:
afterwards just trim the value with trim()

Thank you very much for your help!

Thank you very much for your help!!

Thank you very much it also worked!

Perfect, so please close the topic after your final tests. Thanks

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Can you please help me to understand the regex

What is here \n ?

What is here (?:.*?)

Why you are using with. ([\d,.]+)

taken from

How can I miss this :frowning:

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