How to match data between 3 columns

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So I have, an excel with 3 columns, let´s say GroupDocs, Docs, Validation.
What I want to do is, for each row in GroupDocs and Docs, check if row in Validation is true or false.

My objetive is that whenever in my GroupDocs I find a document, check is this is true or not.

Please say if further context is needed.
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Hi @Filipe_Silva

Refer this thread

If possible can you share the Sample input excel file and output


Thank you for the response @Gokul001

Here is the Sample Excel file

Can you elaborate the query @Filipe_Silva

I want to check the value in my column Validation

For this, I need to go row by row, let’s say:

for my Group1 and 1(Doc), check the value in Validation Column
for my Group1 and 2(Doc), check the value in Validation Column

and so on

It this good for you?

Hi @Filipe_Silva

You need to check the Validation column Contains True


Yes that is what I need

HI @Filipe_Silva

You can try to give condition like

Excel application scope → Give excel path

Read range Activity → Enter the sheet name

Create an out datatable in the properties panel (DTOutput)

Use For each row in DataTable

IF Condition

If Then
You can process the flow

Hope it will help you


when readin int the excel into a datatable (read range) we would expect following result


so we would

  • filling up the missing GroupX column values
  • grouping the data on GroupDocs
  • processing / evaluating the groups

For filling up, have a starter help here:
FillUp_BlockBlanks.xaml (9.3 KB)

Grouping data have alook here:

Giving further context,

I need to extract documents from a website, but I need to extract them depending on the parameter (Emp or Part).
Lets say my parameter is Emp, I do a search on the website for this parameter and it returns the documents refering to Emp, then I need to to check in my excel which of the documents I need to extract, by checking the value in column Emp.

If true, I extract
If false, I do not extract.

Hope it’s more accurate now
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@Gokul001 , please consider the context I added please
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